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We Plant Trees!

Over time I have been involved with many special projects, including raising money for Cure Brain Cancer in honour of Eloise and volunteering with Disaster Relief Australia. 

Aside from my continuing volunteer work with the AIPPDisaster Relief Australia and teaching photography to kids at Cronulla High, I wanted to find a way to have a positive impact on the environment through the sale of my photographic work. 

As the majority of my work now involves nature - the ocean, and our beautiful landscape, I felt it only fitting that my contribution would be to reforestation and planting trees in areas devastated by human impact and natural disasters.

My search for a way to give back led me to One Tree Planted. Though they are based in Vermont in the US, their reach is global and they make it very easy for individuals, businesses and communities to get involved. They also enable me to plant trees in Australia, or anywhere else in the world I hope to make an impact.

So... how can you get involved? The simplest way is to buy one of my products. From the 1st of July, 2021, 5% of our revenue will go towards planting trees. 

In simple terms... when you spend $20, I plant a tree.

You can also visit One Tree Planted to see if there are other ways you can get involved. You may even like to become part of the team that plants the trees.