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The Lone Surfer was one of the first photos I took on our arrival back in Australia from Dubai. It's a personal fave, and was taken in Lorne, Victoria on a family holiday with friends. I recently revisited it to try and figure out if I liked the colour version. I have always seen it in Black + White so I thought I'd play around with colour. It felt old to me, I think because of the surfboard... it's got a vintage feel. So that's what I went with.

What do you think?

Lorn Surder_Colour
Lorne Surfer_5434_Mono

Some of my most favourite images are only available to buy as small acrylics. Lone Surfer is one of them. They look great on a desk or mantel and serve to let your imagination wander. Check this one out in the shop.

Sometimes we need a little push to get out and about with our Cameras… and this year has been one of those where we’ve either put our cameras away altogether or kept them by our sides to document the pandemic.

I’ve been one of those who’ve put the camera down. I took a break throughout lockdown and didn’t really shoot much at all.

Then Canon came out with new cameras, and well I got excited and bought the new R5. Lucky for me, Camera Pro launched their new store in Surry Hills and ran a series of photo walks with leading suppliers. Canon’s walk included the opportunity to try any lenses and I jumped at the opportunity to play, not only with my new camera but, with the new lenses on offer.

In my day-to-day work over at Sydney Headshot Photos, the 70-200mm rarely leaves my camera. Today, I wanted to try and work with the lens length I normally use in Studio, which is about 90mm, so I tried out the 24-105mm f4 L Series Lens, as I love the idea that if I want to, I can travel with just one lens. It didn’t disappoint, I took a series of photos over the walk, including some portraits, and loved it.

This image is one of my favourites of the day, and could well be my favourite of the year, particularly as it doesn’t really have a lot of competition. I love the symmetry, and the shapes created by the people, prams and ladder. Luckily the move from a 5D to the R5 was pretty intuitive, so I didn’t need to think too much about the controls before seeing this out of the corner of my eye.

And the lens, well it’s nearly Christmas so I’m putting it on the list!

Thanks, Camera Pro and Canon, for a fun few hours, it was great to be out in the sunshine and walking the streets again with my camera in hand.

I first visited Melbourne in the late '90s when I worked at Fairfax. My time was split between The Age Building on Spencer St and our printer out at Noble Park. While I loved the people at Noble Park, I infinitely preferred being in the City. Sometimes I could steal an hour or two to wander through the laneways. I imagined living in a city that experienced all the seasons... For me, a coffee on Degraves St, sitting under the heaters outside, wrapped in a coat, and popping a blanket over my knees made me feel like a local and provided the perfect spot for people-watching.

I imagined experiencing cold Winters and wearing boots and Winter coats (which just doesn't happen in Sydney). I couldn't have known that all these years later I would end up living in Melbourne for 5 incredible years.

Admittedly the time flew by, and as always, I didn't do all the things I planned to do before we left in 2017. But I still love those laneways and visit them anytime I'm there. As a photographer, they provide the perfect backdrop for street photography.

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