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Image Credit: Peter Hurley


About Me

Award winning headshot photographer and traveller, documenting the beauty of people, culture and the world around us.

Many photographers websites will open their about page by telling you that on their 8th birthday they received their first camera. And of course, I too have been photographing the world since I was around that age but isn’t that what you’d expect?

This is my passion.  Behind the lens is my happy place. This is what photographers do. This is what we love.

But really our work is about so much more than the images we produce.  For me the camera and lights are like tools, don’t get me wrong like a kid at Christmas I get very excited about my kit and I’ve got some pretty neat tricks for making the most out of what I have but in all honesty, the real magic,  my magic is in my eyes – it’s probably in yours too.

It’s how I see you.
It’s how I see the world.

Not the glossy version from networking events or magazines, the real authentic you, the truth behind the masks we wear; your truth.

In this crazy busy totally raw, stunningly beautiful world we live in I’d love to share my view with you.

Let’s play.



AIPP Epson VIC Professional Photography Awards (VPPY)

Runner up – Landscape Photographer of the Year 

Landscape Category

Gold Award
Silver with Distinction Award
Silver Award
Silver Award

Travel Category

Silver with Distinction Award
Silver Award
Silver Award

Documentary (Sport) Category

Silver Award

Image credit: Amanda Neilson